View Managing a named patient programme

Managing a named patient programme

In 2013, a client with a Named Patient Programme (NPP) designed to treat patients with an unmet ‘special’ clinical need following the end of a Phase I/II trial of their oncology product approached us to manage the programme. We have successfully managed the NPP with significant improvements and substantially refined procedures implemented. The project A…

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View Experts in the field

Experts in the field

Managing pharmacovigilance, medical information and quality complaints We manage pharmacovigilance (PV), medical information and product quality issues in the EU for a post marketed, global product. Our PV and Medical Information teams have developed expert knowledge of the product to provide a high quality, holistic service on behalf of our USA-based client. Our service We…

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View 4 things to think about for case processors working in or with a CRO

4 things to think about for case processors working in or with a CRO

1. Think about your process Is there a seamless transition through each stage of your process, from receipt of case to expedited reporting of an ICSR? If the answer is no, then review your process. You should continually review how to improve existing processes and actively seek solutions. Look out for bottle necks or any duplication of effort,…

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